Getting Started with Hosted Email

Step 1 - Log Into Your Mail Admin Control Panel

The mail admin control panel is where you'll set up and manage your account.
Log in at

Step 2 - Add Mailboxes
Adding user mailboxes (and aliases) first, ensures email delivery during this transition.
Add Advanced Email Boxes


Step 3 - Configure Domain Name Settings
If your domain is registered with another company (e.g., GoDaddy), you must update the DNS Settings to point the MX Records to our servers. You can also transfer your domain and/or your DNS hosting to us. Choose a domain option to learn more.
Keep your domain registrar (just point your MX records to us)
Follow up on a new or existing domain name registered with USA Domains
Transfer your domain registration (and DNS hosting) to USA Domains


Step 4 - Check for Email Delivery
Log into your webmail account to confirm email delivery. This would be the Email Domain you setup when you placed your order (e.g.,


Step 5 - Email & Outlook Setup (optional)
Get your end users set up with their favorite email clients using these tutorials.
Advanced Email: Desktop Apps Microsoft Exchange: Desktop Apps
Advanced Email: Mobile Devices Microsoft Exchange 2007: Mobile Devices
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